President Obama’s White House Honey Ale Beer Sells For $1,200 At Minnesota Auction

The President’s secret brew recipe just sold for $1,200 at a Minnesota charity.
US President Barack Obama Visits Ireland

US President Barack Obama Visits Ireland

A single bottle of White House beer sold for $1,200 at a charity auction this week. reports that a bottle of White House Honey Ale that was given to Minnesota resident Brad Magerkurth by President Obama last August was put up for auction to benefit the University of Minnesota’s Amplatz Children’s Hospital. Ten people pooled their money together to buy the White House beer for $1200 at the auction. Magerkurth said:

“The University of Minnesota marching band played Hail to the Chief, and then we cracked open the beer. We all shared it on the stage. I was pretty ecstatic. For someone in the beer industry, it’s about the coolest thing in the world.”

Magerkurth, a  home brewer and traveling salesman for Artisan Beer Company, said that he was given the bottle of beer by the President during an unannounced stop in Knoxville. The President gave Magerkurth a beer and asked the home brewer to review it. Magerkurth said:

“I thought it was very good. And everyone else thought so too … We were expecting it to be a little more cloyingly sweet. No.  It was hoppy and dry, really good.”

And although Magerkurth may have passed up the opportunity to down this bottle of beer brewed at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, he could easily recreate it as the White House has released the recipe after a Freedom of Information Act request was made for them to release it.

For those of you interested in brewing the President’s infamous Honey Ale brew, you can obtain the recipe by going here.

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