Keith Clinkscales Launches New Sports Site ‘The Shadow League,’ and Partners it With ESPN

A new player in the world of online sports and culture destinations has entered the arena., which officially launched today, aims to examine the intersection between sports, race and other forms of culture in order to spark conversation.

TUT Staff


There have been reports recently that a newly launched website dedicated primarily for sports fans has launched this past week.   This announcement also states that they have made an arrangement to become partners with the premiere sports network ESPN.

The relation between ESPN and the newly initiated website, Shadow League, a sports website run by Keith Clinkscales (former ESPN executive) will include “funding” in addition to the probability of adding content.

Nevertheless, other particulars regarding the said deal have not been released yet.  An ESPN spokesperson stated, “We have not identified specific crossover opportunities at this time, but as the site evolves, we will continuously explore ideas”.

The Shadow League is currently featuring stories regarding racism encountered by black Italian soccer star Mario Balotelli and African players in American Sports and are asserting up to now that they will keep an independent stand.

“We are creating an online community of thought leaders and tastemakers who understand that sports, pop culture and race are common threads that are intricately interwoven into many aspects of life,” says Clinkscales in a press release.

“ is a stand where a discussion with regards to such subjects and how they come together with each other is being looked after. They are intending to look into parts of society and views which are frequently disregarded, neglected or merely discharged.”