Beauty With a Twist: Lebelle

Today’s beauty plans to combine her eye for fashion and her legal background into a very promising career.


Name : Lebelle

Age: How old do you think I am?
Location: Atlanta but full blown NYer
Occupation: Model, Paralegal, Editor, lover of life 🙂
Relationship Status:  No comment 🙂 or as facebook would say…it’s complicated.
Your Style Inspiration: The streets of NY
What can’t you live without: My cellphone
Let’s Be Social: Twitter: @lebelletifi, Facebook, and Instagram: @lebellesblock

Favorite Quote:

“Nothing lasts forever; so live it up, drink it down, avoid the negativity, take chances and never regret because at one point it was what you wanted.”

What’s Your Twist:

My twist is that I’m a model that prefers to shine the spotlight on others. I think most people just assume that models are very vain and into themselves, which I am to a point, but my true focus is to show young aspiring models that confidences exuberates beauty. I think my legal background plays a big role in why I feel there’s no need to do something you feel uncomfortable with just to get signed to an agency. I created my site called Lebelle’s Block to bring awareness to my mission.

What’s Your Dream Job?:

My dream job is to work in the legal department of a fashion magazine. I think that will balance my dorky side that craves legal stimulation and my love for fashion and style.

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