Miami Cops Are Fired for Kissing Girls and Shopping at Target While Ignoring 911 Calls

One group of cops found it more important to make out with their girlfriends than to respond to 911 calls.


If you ask most people, a cop’s job is to protect and serve.  And most people would agree that if you were to call 911, you would expect to have the law arrive on the scene in a prompt and timely fashion because isn’t that what 911’s for?

And when the police don’t show up in a timely fashion, we complain because what good is having a help line when we can’t get the help that we need in time?  Well it looks like the police department is finally stepping up its efforts to correct the problem.

According to the Daily Mail, an entire police squad in the Kendall neighborhood of Miami was disciplined after being caught “canoodling” with women, shopping, drinking coffee, and basically shirking their duties to the people of that community. Dispatchers are always looking for officers that are nearest to an emergency to respond and this group simply ignored them by kissing and grinding up on their girlfriends…or shopping at Target.

After a 2010 investigation of officers Dario Socarras, Jose Huerta, and Sgt. Jennifer Gonzalez were all fired in September 2012, according to MDPD Internal Affairs.  But the worst of the offenders seems to be Socarras who was caught doing all of the above.  He even ignored the emergency calls for an unconscious five-month-old baby.  Gonzalez, who is Socarras supervisor, was even recorded having coffee with him during calls for nine minutes when she wasn’t shopping at Target and other stores.

All kinds of emergencies were ignored by the crew.  It appears that the only commitment these cops made when becoming officers was to a dereliction of duty.  Folks are being robbed and dying and this guy is talking about he’s caught in traffic and other excuses.  Altogether, six cops were disciplined, the other three were suspended without pay.  But why did it take two years to fire them?!

[Source: Daily Mail]
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