For the Groom: How to Avoid Those ‘Bridezilla’ Moments

How Bridezillas look

How Bridezillas look

From the moment you popped that ring on her finger she has been researching the perfect dream day. What if she can’t get what she wants?


Deep Breath, I know that this is your big day too, but is it really all about you? A fail safe plan is to be there with a back- up plan in case your wife-to-be can’t get what she is after.

She wants THAT wedding.

“I want the wedding that Carrie Bradshaw should’ve had when she got jilted by Mr Big! “

Say what? Relax, remind her real life is not Sex and the City, and nobody appreciates her believing that it is. We all have a vision of how we want our big day to pan out. Unfortunately we are not all millionaires who can call in favors from top end designers but we can do the next best thing and that is to keep a level head. Stick to your budget, buy, beg, borrow or customize outfits for your attendants if you wish to have them. Look into renting dresses for your bridesmaids. It may work out to be a better. Ask your fiancée if she has considered renting her own dress for the big day or one for your evening reception where she may want to change into something that is a little easier to move around in.


She Is Sooo Not Invited…

So you’re not best friends with your brothers’ latest girlfriend and you can’t stand your fiancée’s cousin but really you should invite them. I know it’s not ideal to have people who you don’t want on the guest list but unfortunately under these circumstances you will end up making more people miserable (and probably dislike you even more) if you don’t invite them. Think about how not inviting someone could send ripples of discontent through your family or social circle – is it really worth not inviting someone because they don’t fit in with some of your social ideals? Remember these are people you will still have to see after your big day. After all, a wedding party won’t be much of a party if you only have 5 people there!

The Average Price on Your Gift List Resembles Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Gifts.

All your closest friends and family know you need to furnish your home but do they have to fork out on expensive gifts to make you happy? Why not give out a gift advice slip as well stating you would prefer gift vouchers or perhaps allow people to use their own imaginations and provide a list of wedding gift ideas that they can use? I.e. we have just got a new kitchen and would love some new champagne flutes or we have just decorated the lounge and would love a statement vase for on top of our new sideboard. Much more purse friendly and people won’t be left with the feeling that your new wife is a diva!

There Is No Way You’re Going to Upstage Me!

There is a rule in wedding etiquette that says only the bride should wear white. Do you really care if Aunty Mabel turns up in a white dress and cardigan? Of course it doesn’t matter. Don’t tell people what they can and can’t wear on your big day your guests will have already paid to get to your wedding, possibly forked out for a hotel and bought a gift, they shouldn’t have to buy a new outfit if they don’t need to or wear a certain colour/buy a hat just to keep you happy… as long as no one turns up in a huge white wedding gown, reassure your bride to be that all eyes will be on her!


Your wedding day will be exactly that – just remember a few points. Remind your fiancée that it is also your day and she needs to take into account what you would like, just as much as you have to listen to her demands. So if you want to keep your friends, make sure you lock Bridezilla firmly away. Oh, and enjoy the party..!

Jane Verve
Jane is a lifestyle writer and wedding enthusiast who is always on the lookout for the next (or past) wedding trends. When she's not working at her laptop, you can find her embracing the great outdoors.

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