Supermodel Kate Upton is Going to Prom, Thanks to Viral Video

Supermodel Kate Upton is about to make one high school senior’s dream come true by attending his prom as his date.
Kate Upton Swimsuit Cover

Kate Upton Swimsuit Cover

Kate Upton may soon be heading to prom.

The beautiful Sports Illustrated cover girl responded to a viral video request today on Twitter, writing that she would “check her schedule.”

Although this isn’t a firm commitment either way, we’re betting that high school senior Jake Davidson is probably freaking out over the possibility of his dream of taking the super model to his prom and being the envy of all of his friends.

Davidson posted a video to Youtube this week asking the beautiful model if she wanted to go to prom with him. Davidson argued that it was Upton’s destiny to go to prom with him because he’s Jewish, 5’9? and a terrible dancer.

How could Kate possibly resist that?

Here’s the video of Jake Davidson inviting Kate Upton to prom in case you can’t view it in the above tweet.

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