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Cookie Monster Arrested for Shoving Toddler in Times Square

Cookie Monster Arrested

Cookie Monster Arrested

A man dressed up as Cookie Monster was arrested yesterday in Times Square for pushing a 2-year old to the ground. His reason for pushing the boy was because the boy’s mother failed to tip him after he posed with the boy in a picture.


Apparently Osvaldo Quiroz-Lopez didn’t know that tips were optional and got into a heated argument with the Connecticut family, cops said.

The Mexican native demanded a tip from the toddler’s mom after posing for a snapshot. When she didn’t, he cursed her out and pushed the child to the ground.

The enraged “Sesame Street” character was taken to the Midtown North station house and charged with reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child.

Cookie Monster’s bust was just the latest involving costumed characters in tourist hot spots.


A man dressed as Spider-Man in Times Square was arrested in February for allegedly punching a mom, also over a tip.

Another man who was dressed as video-game hero Mario, was also charged with forcible touching in December for allegedly groping a woman, again in Times Square.

Last summer, a man dressed as Elmo was busted in Central Park for anti-Semitic rants. He pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct.

Let’s just hope that this toddler grows up and realizes that not every character from a children’s show has intentions on hurting him. We’re pretty sure that Barney still loves him.

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