Christopher Dorner’s Gun Being Sold In Online Auction

One of Christopher Dorner’s guns has hit the auction block and is trying to raise money for some of the victim’s families.
Dorner's gun auctioned

Dorner's gun auctioned

Christopher Dorner’s gun is being sold in an online auction presented by Bargain Pawn in North Las Vegas. George Bramlett is offering the .38 special to the highest bidder. Bramlett claims he bought the gun, from Dorner, just one month before the former LAPD officer went on a shooting spree.

The Astra 960 revolver has received 35 bids and is currently $1,325, with eight days remaining. Bramlett has expressed that he intends to donate the proceeds to the families impacted by Dorner‘s revenge-fueled rampage.

Dorner was terminated by the LAPD in 2011 for falsely accusing a fellow officer of using excessive force. Dorner maintained that it was not a false report and that he was unjustly terminated.

In February 3, 2013, Dorner was accused of shooting and killing a couple in a California parking garage. The couple was later revealed to be Monica Quan and her fiancé Keith Lawrence. Quan’s father was a captain with the LAPD.

In a manifesto posted by Dorner, he accused Captain Randal Quan, and other former colleagues, of covering up excessive force, racism, and corruption within the LAPD. Dorner asserted that the killing would not stop until his name was cleared. He blamed the LAPD, and his wrongful termination, for destroying his life — including his military career.

As reported by NBC Los Angeles, Dorner was later accused of shooting and killing a Riverside police officer on February 7.

On February 12, Dorner was located in a mountain rental cabin in Angelus Oaks, California. Dorner barricaded himself in the cabin and refused to leave. After a four hour standoff with police the cabin reportedly burned to the ground.

Charred remains found at the scene were identified as Christopher Dorner on February 14.

Authorities report that Dorner is responsible for shooting and killing four people during his mission to clear his name.

As reported by NBC News, George Bramlett, of bargain Pawn, states that Dorner sold him his gun just one month before the shooting spree. He hopes that Christopher Dorner’s gun will be sold for several thousand dollars, which he can donate to the families of his victims.

Bramlett reports on the auction site that the gun “appears to be funny functional,” and is in “very nice shape.” The sale includes a receipt with Dorner’s signature. Video footage of the purchase is in custody of the LAPD.

The auction will end April 23rd at 7:19 PM Eastern Time.

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