Going Back to North Korea: Dennis Rodman to vacation with Kim Jong Un in August

Although the U.S. and North Korea may be on the brink of war, that's not going to stop Dennis Rodman from vacationing with his buddy Kim Jong Un.

Dennis Rodman vacation with Kim Jong Un

Dennis Rodman, the NBA Hall of Famer who met with a ton of controversy a few months back after declaring Kim Jong Un a good friend, is going back to North Korea to vacation with his buddy.

Rodman, the former professional basketball star, says he will head to North Korea in August to vacation with Kim Jong Un.

Rodman met Kim Jong Un in February during a visit with the Harlem Globe Trotters. This visit was not endorsed by the U.S. State Department. Rodman and Kim Jong Un became friendly and the ex-basketball star came back to the U.S. saying that his new pal didn’t want war and he also said that all he wanted was for President Obama to call him.

While Rodman sang the man praises, people were confused about why Rodman didn’t see what this man stands for and see the way he treated his people. The visit also came during a period of tension between the two countries over North Korea’s nuclear weapons testing, which is even worse today.

Over the weekend Rodman was in Fargo, N.D., for a promotional appearance at a local bar. He told reporters that he doesn’t think Kim wants war and that he considers the leader a friend even though he doesn’t condone what he does. Even with the nuclear threats being made today, Rodman has plans of returning to North Korea to vacation with Kim, who is reportedly a “diehard basketball fan”.

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