Father And Son Pull AK-47 on Cashier In Dispute Over Chicken Wings

This father and son duo apparently loves chicken a little too much.

pirtlesIf you have ever ordered fast food through a drive-thru window, the chances are that you’ve had your meal messed up a time or two.  We are all human and we all make mistakes, including the fast food employees taking our order.

And what do we do when this happens?  A: Go back to the store and get them to correct it? Or B: Simply go home because you realize that even though your order is messed up, it really isn’t that bad?  Or C: You pull out an AK-47 and aim them at the cashier who messed up your order?

If you picked “C”, you really need some therapy…now, as in right now.

But that’s exactly what one father and son duo did when a fast food cashier forgot to bag their chicken wings.

Antonius Hart Sr. and Antonius Hart Jr. left Pirtle’s Chicken without realizing that their wings were missing. They then drove back to the restaurant and demanded extra chicken because they had been forced to make a return trip.

At some point during the interaction, an AK-47 was pulled out. After seeing the gun, a restaurant worker called the police.

Police arrived on the scene and recovered the gun along with 24 live rounds of ammo.

They have since charged 45-year-old Hart Sr. with assault and 19-year-old Hart Jr. with the facilitation of a felony.

Restaurant customers shared their thoughts about the incident.

“I guess in this area, people don’t play about their food,” said Courtney Marable.

Tonya McGraw said that the Harts’ actions were “crazy,” but that they might lead to more emphasis being placed on customer service.

“Next time they better get them wings right,” she said.

Maybe someone in Pirtle’s marketing department can use that as their new slogan, “We get them wings right”, and if they do, make sure Tonya gets her cut.

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