Gamers Will be Able to Order Pizza from Their Xbox

Soon gamers will be able to order pizza from their Xbox.
Pizza App

Pizza App

Soon Xbox gamers will be able to order pizza without even having to leave the comfort of their bean bag seat. Gamers will be able to order pizza from their Xbox, rather than online or by phone. Some have praised this innovation, while others bemoan the continued involvement of technology in our everyday lives, but either way, video game enthusiasts with a passion for pizza are sure to be thrilled.

According to The Huffington Post , Pizza Hut will be developing an app which will allow Xbox users to design and order pizza from their Xbox console. And if using the game controller proves too much of a strain, Xbox users will also be able to order using the Xbox’s Kinect. It is not clear yet if this app will actually improve the pizza ordering process or if it will function mostly as a gimmick for the technologically inclined, but it is sure to be controversial for those who are worried that technology is taking over our lives. However, this app does not seem to differ greatly from the online ordering system that Pizza Hut already has on their website. has reported that this app became available on April 23rd and that users who order pizza before May 6th will be eligible for a 15% discount on their first purchase. This promotion, along with the fun of the new technology, will hopefully entice many consumers into getting the Xbox Live app.

The main difference seems to be that consumers will be able to use a device they are already using, rather than navigating a new one or picking up the phone. Is this a sign of our culture’s ongoing commitment to convenience and efficiency or a downward spiral into a Wall-E style nightmare of laziness? Only time — and the numbers on the increase in consumption of pizza — will tell.

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