Should Bulletproof Book Bags and School Uniforms Be Accepted? This Company Hopes So.

Bulletproof school uniforms may be coming to a town near you really soon if this company has anything to say about that.
Bulletproof Bookbag

To ever think that your children would one day have to wear a bulletproof vest while to school is no longer an asinine thing to think about.  And that the possibility of that happening could be right around the corner, sooner than we think.

Michael Caballero’s new bulletproof children’s clothing line and school uniforms evoke thoughts of this not-too-distant future where parents will dress their kids in knife-resistant shirts and secure books in backpack shields.

Caballero’s company has made these uniforms out of the same materials and technologies that are used to manufacture bulletproof vests. It’s not a full body suit, but it does protect a vital section of the human body.

The idea for this line came to Caballero after several of the recent school shootings, and is aimed specifically at the American market. His confidence in the clothing’s effectiveness is astounding; in fact, he’s made a tradition of firing bullets at new factory employees wearing his designs.

I hope that those employees that volunteer for Caballero’s target practice gets raises on the spot.

“[It’s] sad in a lot of ways,” Demitric Boykin, who bought a bulletproof backpack for his daughter, said. “We shouldn’t have to do these things.”

The fact there’s actually a market for bulletproof children’s clothing speaks greatly to our acceptance of gun violence. Because it’s a normal occurrence, we seek solutions rather than prevention which is key.

“Does that sound like a vision of America, or does that sound like a third world country?” Ladd Everitt, of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, said. “This is insane.”

Caballero was initially hesitant to design the line – his intention was not to exploit parents’ fears of gun violence on campus. The line is merely a solution to a larger problem.

“I am not the aggressor.” He said, “I only want to supply any solution in the United States.”

Check out the video below to see these bulletproof uniforms in action and

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