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The White House Joins Tumblr: Obama Administration Reaches Out Using Social Media


The Obama administration has made a commitment to being active in the social media world, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, but now Tumblr has been added to that ever-growing list. The White House joins Tumblr  in an attempt to continue to reach out to more Americans and to give them a platform to speak and discuss topics in their own setting. It is undeniable that social media has become an important part of our nation, and so it seems logical that the White House would engage in that world in order to best serve the country.

Although there are only less than ten posts on the White House Tumblr page, each of those posts has already received hundreds and even thousands of notes. So far posts  include a Gif of President Obama preparing for the White House Correspondent’s Dinner (white the White House has endorsed as being pronounced with a hard “G” sound).  Also, a picture of President Obama with four of our previous presidents and a link to a video highlighting some of the comedic moments from the White House Correspondent’s Dinner.


The White House Tumblr page also includes a graph explaining what the future of the blog:


It appears as though followers of the White House can expect a lot of content about President Obama as well as photos and videos. However, it seems that it will not just be all fun and games and that there will be some amount of policy information and infographics.

Interestingly, other Tumblr users will also be allowed to submit content. Apparently the purpose of the blog is not only just to be about the White House itself, but also as a form of continuing the commitment the Obama administration has for “making this the most open and accessible administration in history” as it says on the Tumblr page.

Allison Pine
Allison Pine is currently a student at the University of North Georgia. She is originally from Atlanta, Georgia and currently splits time between there and Dahlonega. She is pursing a bachelor's degree in English Literature and is minoring in Psychology. She will be graduating in December 2013 and plans on continuing to write and hopes to go on to graduate school .

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