The Jump Kick Felt Around the World: Miguel Accidentally Kicks Fan During Billboard Awards Performance


In case you missed it, R&B singer Miguel channeled his inner R. Kelly during last night’s Billboard Awards because he apparently thought he could fly.  But it wasn’t meant to be as  he accidentally kicked two female fans while trying to leap between two platforms on stage.

The R&B singer was in the middle of singing his song “Adorn” when he decided to execute an extremely bold maneuver on-stage. Unfortunately for two poor girls in attendance, Miguel had little hangtime.


According to several reports, the singer wowed those in attendance with spins and jazz splits. The problem started when he decided to execute another crowd-pleasing move during the awards show. Miguel soon attempted to jump over the crowd to the other side of the stage. That’s when he accidentally struck two of his fans.

The young girl who was crushed beneath the crooner managed to escape the ordeal without any serious injuries. According to the New York Daily News, another fan was kicked in the head during the ill-fated jump.

Miguel later addressed the situation on Twitter. He admitted that he had gotten a little carried away with his performance at the Billboard Music Awards. It’s unlikely he’ll attempt something similar at any concerts going forward.




The Huffington Post reports that Billboard writer Erika Ramirez let everyone know that the injured fan was alive and well following the accident. The girl was reportedly taken backstage and given an ice pack. Judging from the girl’s comments, there’s apparently no love lost.

Check out the video below to see a couple of viewers break down Miguel’s ill-advised jump.

For those who can’t view video above, don’t fret because we came across this nifty GIF that captures the essence of Miguel’s flying jump kick.

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