The Hangover Part 3 was Great, but Different

The 3rd and final installment in the ‘Hangover’ series went away from their usual formula but it works.

So recently I went to go see the Hangover Part 3 and I was not dissapointed at all. What I will say though, is that all though these are still the same characters, the story line is very different from the first two films. The Hangover 3 takes a very drastic turn from the light felt comedy we all came to love and enjoy into a more dark tale with still a lot of comedy but also a lot more at stake for the main protagonist.

We all the know the formula for the first two films, somebody’s getting married and the boys decide to have a bachelor party to celebrate that friends last night as a single man. The crew wakes up the next morning not remembering anything, and somebody from the crew is missing, so then they set out to go find their friends with little prior knowledge to the night before. Pretty much the Wolfpack trips out the night before, doing a bunch of hilarious things and recalling them little by little the next day. Well this time things are different.

Although being called “The Hangover” this film doesn’t involve that wake up hungover-what-the-hell-happened process. This time things are way more serious and way less light-hearted. For the first time in the series, the actual thought of one of the Wolfpack members getting killed ran through my head. This move was intense! Sure it was funny because I mean, it gave the character Leslie Chow (played by Ken Jong) a major role. Ever since his hilarious inclusion in a minor role in the first movie of the series, Chow hasn’t disappointed. Even though Chow plays a bigger role, the Wolfpack crew of Alan, Phil and Stu still shined in the same ways as all the other films.

The change of format was a big risk for the franchise but with being the last film of the series I felt like it was still a great movie. Too much of a good thing can eventually turn bad and it was good that they changed things up for the last go around. I mean if they didn’t they would get complaints that nothing changed. In the end I say this was a good ass intense movie and definitely worth the watch, may it be in theaters, on bootleg or whatever, just try it, its definitely different.

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