Spider-Man Spoiler

New Pictures Might Have Revealed a Huge Spoiler in the New Amazing Spider-Man Movie

Well a picture can really tell a thousand words. In this case a picture might of just revealed a major plot point in the new Spider-Man movie.

Things have been a little different every since they canned Spider-Man 4 a few years ago and rebooted the series with a whole new cast and plot.

Instead of going with the whole Green Goblin story, the latest film took Peter Parker back to his high school days and brought the old school comic feel. Instead of the Goblin, the villain was the Lizard which was so classic.   And instead of using Mary Jane as Peter’s love interest, the series took it back to the beginning to Peter’s original love interest, Gwen Stacy.


In the original comic Peter and Gwen were a couple way before Mary Jane came into the picture but Peter and Gwen didn’t actually break up for the romance of Peter and Mary Jane to happen. Gwen was killed, and in a controversial way as it was never understood if the Green Goblin had already killed her before throwing her off a building (the Goblin had figured out Spider-Man’s identity and kidnapped Gwen) or if Spider-Man’s web attempt was what did it.

The other day photos were released of Emma Stone (who plays Gwen Stacy) wearing the same exact outfit that Gwen was wearing in the comics when she died.

Spider-Man Spoiler

If this spoiler turns out to be true, this new Spider-Man film is going to be straight crazy!

When they first decided to reboot the series I was skeptical because when I think of Spider-Man the first face I think of is Tobey Maguire.   But I have to admit Andrew Garfield did the damn thing in the last movie and I expect nothing less in the next film.

From what I’m hearing, both Harry and Norman Osbourn will be in this film so the Green Goblin’s appearance is all but a given. Even Mary Jane and the Rhino are going to be in this one so I can see this is going to be a good. I even read Jamie Foxx is going to have a role in this one so I don’t even know what to expect. The film is expected to drop in 2014 and I already can’t wait. I kinda hope this spoiler isn’t true but we’ll only know when it comes out next year.

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