Paparazzi’s Obsession with Kim Kardashian

Paparazzi threaten to make Kim K.’s world, “A dangerous Place to live in.

The paparazzi and the Kardashians will always seem to have a love/hate relationship. With all the drama that surrounds the famous family, it’s not hard to figure out why. Kim Kardashian may unfairly be one of the most hated celebrities but with that being said, the paparazzi can never seem to get enough of the mommy to be.  Recently, the reality star took to twitter to express how she was threatened by the angry paps all because she refused to let them take any photos of her. Kim blasts the paparazzi for their obsessive behavior, and says she would just like to have the last month of her pregnancy in peace. Check out the tweets Kim posted after her run in with the furious paparazzi:

Granted, the paparazzi are just doing their job, and trying to make a living like everyone else. But, once they cross the line of someone feeling unsafe or threatened, that’s when questions start to arise. When will enough be enough? Is a story or a photo really worth it? Should a pregnant woman feel like she cannot be safe in her own environment? The paps are known for getting their job done by whatever means necessary, but this incident is undeniably a situation that will raise quite a few eyebrows. How will Kanye react to the news that his baby momma has been verbally abused by the paps once again?

Pregnancy is a very sacred event for a woman, and Kim K should not be an exception to that. With her pregnancy now coming to an end,  the “Keeping up with the Kardashians”  star seems to be in full-time mommy mode. She wants to protect her unborn baby and if that means less press than it seems like that is just going to be a sacrifice she is going to make. How do you all feel about the Paparazzi and their run in with the future Mrs. Kanye West?

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