Was This the Play of the NBA Playoffs?

Last night LeBron James rejected Tiago Spiltters dunk attempt so bad it sent chills through my body. That play was something special, but the question is was it the best play of the 2013 NBA Playoffs?

You know, it’s cool to wake up in the morning turn to ESPN and see a top play. ESPN only shows the highlights (in some cases lowlights) so its cool because it gets straight to the point but there’s something about seeing a top play live on tv that just makes it all the more special.

Last night when Tony Parker called Tiago Splitter for the pick and roll something seemed a little off. It seems as if it was already a broken play to begin with. Miami had just gone on a magical run and the Spurs weren’t looking to good. (Mind you, the halftime show guys just got through saying how it’s impossible to go on a run against the Spurs).  

Anyways Parker was at the top of the key and Splitter came up to set a pick on Mario Chalmers. Chris Bosh being the one guarding Splitter immediately dropped off of Splitter and along with Chalmers focused on Tony Parker (as they should because this guy gets in the paint like it’s nothing). That left the lane wide open for a Tiago Splitter jam!

Well not exactly, it looked like that at first but then LeBron James dropped off of Kawhi Leonard and decided to meet Splitter at the rim. The results weren’t pretty, they were actually pretty ugly. At that moment with 8:20 left in the fourth quarter the Miami Heat had won the game. Right after that, Ray Allen drained a 3 then LBJ got a steal and dunked it and that was the last we saw of the Spurs starters.

Tracy McGrady checked into an NBA Finals game for the very first time in his career and the story changed. As nasty as that play was, was it the Best of the playoffs?

Here’s Tony Parker’s crazy play from game 1 of the Finals:

(so clutch, so raw)

Here’s Roy Hibbert block on Carmelo Anthony:

(LBJ’s play sealed the game, this play sealed the series)

Here’s the 5 foot 9 Nate Robinson rejecting LeBron James at the rim:

(Nate represented for every short guy right here)

Paul George made two of the Miami Heats Big men look silly here:

Those are the plays that stick out in my mind, but what do you guys think?

Also I did the best plays.  Here’s what I think was the hands down worse play of the playoffs:

(really Baka? really?)

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