Dwyane Wade is a Jerk!

As the Miami heat even the NBA Finals series up at 2-2, Dwyane Wade shines, but he hasn't shined all postseason and is injured, what's the deal? Where is this coming from?

Every time an NBA game is about to come on, about three hours before I can expect a text from my little brother Elijah. It’s usually something ridiculous that eventually comes true. It could be LeBron James getting 45 points, the Lakers getting blown out or even a Tim Tebow game winning touchdown. This kid has some crazy predictions and they usually come true. There’s usually one prediction that is way off and that doesn’t come true and it damn near always involves Dwyane Wade! Before game 4 of these playoffs I was told Wade would drop 60 points. The sad thing is I really thought for a second that it could happen.

My problem with Wade is that he’s pretty much one of the best players to ever play the game of basketball, but doesn’t always show it. These playoffs he really didn’t play well but whenever the Miami heat loses he gets no slack at all. A guy who drops about 22 points a game drops down to about 13 or 14 points a game in the playoffs, the time when it really counts and its ok?

Wade wasn’t aggressive and it looked like he wasn’t even trying during the start of the playoffs. It wasn’t just him though as everyone besides LBJ weren’t playing too well and the Heat were still winning. It’s crazy how great this team can be and it really shows that the Miami Heat are truly a super team. Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are superstar players playing alongside the best player of this generation. When Wade and Bosh want to play well they can, when they want to play like superstars they can and when they want to sit and make the role players win the game they can.

Game 4 of the NBA Finals showed a lot about the two teams. First for the Spurs it showed that Tony Parker has to keep up his good play to win games. Tim Duncan has been the face of the franchise for many years but it’ Tony Parker that has to get it done for this team to succeed. Game 3 TP got to chill during the blow out but during close games like this he has to step up. Manu Ginobili has to ball out too, he’s just not getting it done. Nobody else (besides Duncan) matters because not much is expected of them.

Now the Heat, tripped me out. Wade was spectacular, he dropped like 32 points and had 6 steals (aka normal Wade stats). These are normal numbers for him and it shows. He made it look so easy on the court. It really looked like he wasn’t even trying and still had his best game of the playoffs. This guy has been doing this for years and seems not to have aged at all since he first got in the league. If he plays even close to the way he did in Game 4 the heat definitely will have this series in the bag. Yeah, LeBron got off. Yeah, Bosh got off. But the point is D.Wade is the key, he was the player who brought the Big 3 to Miami and he’s the one who had to step up. He did it and did it well, Dwyane Wade is a jerk because he disappoints me then amazes me all in a short period off time.

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