Cole vs Ye

‘Born Sinner’ or ‘Yeezus’? Which Album is Going to Sell More?

Cole vs Ye

Kanye West (Yeezus) and J. Cole (Born Sinner) both have albums that drop tomorrow and this is what hip-hop is all about : competition. When two big artist drop an album on the same day it’s great for the music industry in general. If you’re a huge artist and your album drops on the same day as some scrub artist then you already know who’s coming out on top. This time around it’s one of music’s newer stars going up against one of music’s superstars. This one should be a good battle as it comes down to either rocking with the new cat or the seasoned veteran.

J. Cole is dope. I mean this guy can rap his ass off and usually has a good message in his music. J. Cole is one of the few hip-hop artist that you can play his whole project in the car with your parents and they won’t complain. It’s not that he doesn’t curse or anything like that but it’s the messages that he portrays in his music that are different from other mainstream artists.

Cole usually has a positive message within the song and since he produces his own beats its most likely a banger. He doesn’t rap about the material things in life too much but when he does it’s still hot because the kid is just that nice. I’ve been a Cole fan since I heard his mix-tape The Warm Up. After that he became one of my favorites with the classic mix-tape Friday Night LightsHis last album was very dope and the best part about it was that he didn’t go commercial and switch up his style. he still had his radio singles but he still kept it classic Cole. I’m guessing he’s doing the same thing on Born Sinner as well, I wouldn’t know because I refused to listen to the leak. From what I heard the album’s fire.

Now Kanye West is a completely different story. We’ve been blessed with bangers from Mr West for about a decade now and he still keeps it coming. There is a little something off about this project though. Usually when Ye is about to drop an album he has a huge single out. Kanye always has multiple hit singles out on every album (it’s too many to name), in other words dude is sick!

Kanye can pretty much give you any type of song for any type of mood. He produces his own beats as well so just like with Cole and most of his beats are bangers as well. It’s just very odd to me that a Kanye West album is about to come out and I don’t hear a smash hit out. I know he’s released a few songs but where are the hits? We need hits! His private life is now public since his baby mama is Kim Kardashian and maybe that’s going to have some influence on the album. I don’t know, all I know is hit singles usually generate a lot of buzz for an album but now Kanye’s at the point in his career where he doesn’t need that. Just being Kanye West gets him all the buzz he needs.

With all that being said I’m going to pick Mr West to come out on top on this one.   J. Cole has a great growing fan base but I don’t know if its enough to take done Kanye. Even with no huge singles out this guy just demands attention. We saw what happened last time Mr West went head to head with another rapper (50 Cent) and I’m feeling like history will repeat itself once again. All I can guarantee is I’m buying both albums!

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