Was This a Foul or a Clean Block?

Things got crazy in Miami last night as the Heat forced a game 7 with a overtime win. There was one play at the very end of the game that stood out the most.


Last night was a crazy night for the NBA as the villains of the last three years, the Miami Heat, had their backs up against the wall with one more loss to the San Antonio Spurs would result in them losing the out on a second championship in two years.

As we all know by now the Heat somehow pulled out a dramatic overtime win in order to force a game 7, which will be head on their own home court. Ray Allen knocked down a cold-blooded three pointer to force the overtime but their was one play that  comes to question when watching it over.


Now when first looking at it, it seems like Bosh got the clean block but when looking at the replay things look a little iffy. Surely, if he wouldn’t have got there in time Danny Green would have probably swished it home. I mean that is a lot of contact but the problem is sometimes they call things and sometimes they don’t so it makes it hard to tell if there are fouls being committed.

The inconsistency of the officiating is something that probably won’t ever change. Either way the call would have went, there would have been a ton of controversy behind it. The rules aren’t even clear anymore. Chris Bosh did say before the game that Green wouldn’t be open and on that last play he kept his word. I think the refs made the right call to just leave the play alone, but what do you think, foul or clean block?

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