Will Bill Belichick cut Aaron Hernandez?

Murder and mayhem surround the Patriots tight end.
Aaron Hernandez of the New England Patriots
Aaron Hernandez of the New England Patriots
Aaron Hernandez. (Photo Credit: Jack Newton)

Aaron Hernandez caught five touchdown passes last year for the New England Patriots. This year, Hernandez caught the attention of local police.

Hernandez is being investigated in connection with a murder in Massachusetts. Odin Lloyd, a semi-pro football player, was found dead in an industrial park in North Attleborough, Mass. on Monday. Hernandez was an acquaintance of Lloyd. According to Sports Illustrated, Massachusetts state police searched Hernandez’s home on Tuesday. An anonymous source told Sports Illustrated that Hernandez was not a murder suspect, but a vehicle that was rented in his name became evidence in the investigation. However, ABC News reports that Hernandez is not “in the clear”.

Recently, there has been some suspicious activity by Hernandez. ABC News reported that Hernandez intentionally destroyed his security system and his cell phone. Sources said the phone was handed to investigators “in pieces”. ABC News also reported that a cleaning crew was hired to scrub Hernandez’s home on Monday. Someone looks guilty.

According to USA Today, Hernandez is also being sued for shooting a man in the face in Florida, and apparently he was involved in a nightclub incident in Providence, R.I as well. This guy is out of control.

Meanwhile, New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick must be fuming. Belichick always wants his team to be focused. Now, the Patriots are starting to become a media circus like the New York Jets. Tebow, Gronk, and now the Hernandez investigation. However, Belichick will tolerate the antics of players like Rod Gronkowski, as long as they are committed to the team.

All of this news surrounding Hernandez is awful for the Patriots. Hernandez is a key weapon on the Patriots offense. He is even more important now that Wes Welker is gone. Bill Belichick and the Patriots have a tough decision on their hands. Do you keep or cut Hernandez? Hernandez is in the middle of a seven-year $41.115 million contract. Teams do not like to cut players with five years left on their contract. If they are paying big money, then they want that player on the field.

For now, Hernandez appears to be safe on and off the field. Yet, if Hernandez is not studying the playbook, or considered a cancer to the locker room, then he may be cut. Just ask Randy Moss and Adalius Thomas. Of course, if Hernandez ends up going to prison, then that will make the decision a lot easier.

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