Back from the dead: Twinkies returning July 15th

The wait is over.


They’re back. Twinkies will return on July 15.

Hostess is very excited and confident about bringing back Twinkies. According to ABC News, Hostess’ new boxes for the Twinkies will contain the phrase “the sweetest comeback in the history of ever”.

Hostess had to file for bankruptcy in 2012. In November, Hostess announced they were going out of business. It appeared Twinkies would be gone forever. People rushed to get the last of the Twinkies. One person even tried to sell a box of Twinkies on Ebay for $200,000.

Then, the “golden sponge cake with creamy filling” was revived.  Apollo Group Management and Metropoulos and Co. bought the rights to Hostess’ Twinkies and other snack cakes for $410 million on Mar. 19, 2013. Daren Metropoulos, principal of Metropoulos and Co.,  said companies tried to imitate the Twinkies, but it was not the same. According to WebProNews, Metropoulos claimed the people wanted the Hostess Twinkies back. He said, “America wanted Hostess back–they wanted the original.”

According to CNN Money, Twinkies will sell at the same price as last fall, which was $3.99 for a box of 10.

The Los Angeles Times reported that other Hostess treats will be back on the shelf as well. Ho Hos, Ding Dongs, and cupcakes are expected to return next month, but no specific date has been announced at this time.  Rich Seban, the president of Hostess, also told the Associated Press’ Candice Choi that they may experiment with the texture of the Hostess cakes. He told Choi they are known for “spongy”, creamy centers, and thick icing, but soon we may see crunchy. Seban said, “We can have some fun with that mixture.”

However, there was some disappointing news released about the Twinkies. They do not last forever after all. Seban told Choi, “Forty-five days–that’s it. They don’t last forever.”

Perhaps, it is time to throw away the “last twinkies”, and take them off Ebay.

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