Redo: Texas Governor Rick Perry calls second special session for abortion bill

Wendy Davis’ effort may have been all for naught.
Rick Perry in 2010
Rick Perry in 2010
(Photo Credit: Ed Schipul)

Texas’ abortion bill is not dead yet.

Texas Governor Rick Perry called a second special session on Wednesday. Perry is trying to pass a bill that would place widespread restrictions on abortion. The bill was defeated Tuesday after Wendy Davis’ filibuster denied the Texas legislature the opportunity to vote on it. According to CBS News, the second session will take place on July 1.

Thanks to Davis’ filibuster, this Texas abortion bill gained national attention. Filibuster in Texas work a little differently than in Washington D.C. Davis was required to stand and talk the entire time, without taking any breaks, and she had to remain on topic. Davis lasted 11 hours, which was enough to prevent a vote from occurring at the deadline at midnight.

Despite Davis’ valiant effort, Perry will not let the bill die. According to CBS News, Texas law allows Perry to call as many 30-day special sessions as he wants. The Christian Science Monitor said Perry is known to make full use of that privilege. The Christian Science Monitor said Perry called repeated sessions a decade ago just to pass a redistricting proposal he was for.

The proposed bill will ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. This bill will also require all abortions to be conducted in surgical centers. According to Christian Science Monitor, 37 of the 42 clinics that already perform abortions would no longer be able to perform them. CBS added that any woman who wishes to have an abortion, and lives along the Mexican border would have to drive hundreds of miles if this bill gets passed.

According to USA Today, Texas republicans promise they will be better prepared and more determined than last time. Senator Dan Patrick is still a little bitter about Tuesday’s outcome. Patrick told USA Today, “It was an embarrassment. I didn’t fear for my safety, but I did fear for our constitution. You cannot have mob rule dictate whether a bill passes or not.”

The Texas democrats are not backing down either. They may have to do another filibuster. Will we get an encore performance from Davis?

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