#ArtistTalk: DeAndre Brackensick – American Idol Alum is All Grown Up Now With His Music

DeAndre Brackensick is far from your average 18 year old. Just out of high school, DeAndre already has his calendar full with the promotion of his new youthful single, “Her Crazy”. Not to mention his already established group of fans called the “Dre Dreamers”. Humble and well mannered, DeAndre took a moment to talk to The Urban Twist about how it is to be so young in the music biz, and how his life has changed since American Idol.

Cierra Realer: How does it feel to be starting out so young in the music business?

DeAndre Brackensick: Itʻs a little intimidating but a blessing at the same time that I get this opportunity to start a dream at this age.

CR: Do you feel like you are missing out on the last chance you have to be a teenager?

DB: No I don’t. Not at all. I feel like I get to have both right now. I’m just getting started on my career as I’m moving on from my teen years. It’s a good place.

CR: Can you name a few of your major musical influences?

DB: Bob Marley, Eric Benet, Patti Labelle, Smokey Robinson, DʻAngelo, Maxwell.

CR: When did you decide you definitely were going to pursue music?

DB: My first year of Idol, season 10, when I first auditioned. I realized that music and singing is truly what I love and I want. I knew I needed to make a career in music. It’s my life.

CR: Name something interesting about you that you would want your fans to know?

DB: Umm?… My fans know a lot about me but probably one thing they don’t know is that I yodel! My great grandma is a yodeler and I caught on. I guess it got passed down. Also, ever since I was 9, I wanted to be a hula teacher and open up a hālau (dance studio) and become a kumu hula (hula choreographer!) aha so yeah, that’s not commonly known.

CR: How much has your life changed since American Idol?

DB: Dramatically! People recognize me and share their stories on how they supported me and how my music inspired and touched them. It’s just such a blessing to know that I did something that touched people they appreciate.

CR: What advice would you give young people who want to get into the music business?

DB: Be open-minded but don’t lose yourself. Stay grounded and keep your family close and involved in what you do. At the end of the day your friends and family are the only people who are truly there for you and have your best interest at heart. Know who you are and what you do best, or you won’t enjoy the ride …

CR: Just to let your fans know, are you single at the moment?

DB: No, fully committed to my music and my fans.

CR: Where do you see yourself in the music industry in the next 5 years?

DB: I honestly do not know… What I really want is to be able to sing my songs and show who DeAndre is , my style, my voice, my heart.. Whether it’s performing in an arena to tens of thousands of people or in a lil lounge to ten folks, I honestly care more about my music than my fame..I just know Iʻll be singinʻ and doin’ me somewhere.

CR: What can you see yourself pursuing outside of performing and doing music?

DB: Acting is one thing, modeling, honestly anything that comes my way!

Check out DeAndre’s video for “Her Crazy” below as we look forward to witnessing DeAndre’s career bloom right before our eyes! For more DeAndre visit  www.truthrecordsllc.com and download his new single “Her Crazy” on Itunes.

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