Poll: Worst Apology of the week

Hallmark cards sound better than these guys. Who had the worst apology of the week? Braun, Weiner, or Drake?
I'm Sorry Graffiti
I'm Sorry Graffiti
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Was this national apology week?

Ryan Braun, the star player of the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team, and reigning National League MVP, was suspended after he tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs  He apologized to fans and teammates, after caught in a lie, and ESPN’s SportsNation bashed Braun for lying to the public, and weak apology.

Anthony Weiner held a press conference to admit he sexted, and sent pictures of his penis…again. Weiner apologized…again, and announced that he, Carlos Danger, would not drop out of the race for New York City mayor.

Finally, Drake and J. Cole needed to apologize, after they made an autism joke in one of their songs. Salon.com believed Drake’s apology was “incomplete”, as he did not apologize for his use of the offensive “r-word”.

Apparently all three apologies were lame, but the question is, who had the worst apology of the week?

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