Florida man kills wife and posts gruesome picture of her dead body on Facebook

Derek Medina posted a pic of a dead body on Facebook on Thursday. The dead body belonged to his wife. Was this Facebook's first murder confession?
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A Florida man managed to post something on social media more disturbing than Geraldo Rivera’s “selfie”. He posted a picture of his murder victim: his bloodied wife.

According to CBS Miami, Derek Medina, 31, posted a picture of his wife’s dead body on Facebook, and confessed to her murder Thursday morning. Medina’s now infamous post was titled “RIP Jennifer Alonso”. Underneath, it read, “I’m going to prison or death sentence for killing my wife. Love you guys. Miss you guys. Take care. Facebook people you’ll see me in the news.”

Authorities said Alfonso’s ten-year old daughter from a previous relationship was in the house at time of the murder, the Miami Herald reported. She was unharmed.

The Miami Herald reported that Medina is likely to claim self-defense, as he claimed Alfonso abused him. Medina told police that he and his wife had a heated argument. Medina said Alfonso was punching him, and he left for a brief moment to retrieve his gun. Medina said Alfonso then grabbed a knife, but he disarmed, and shot her.

According to CBS Miami, after cleaning up, Medina drove to his family’s home, and then the police station to confess his murder.

His post received a flurry of comments, and went viral. According to CNN, the image was visible on Medina’s page for five hours before Facebook took it down. A Facebook spokeswoman sent an e-mail to multiple news outlets, which said, “The content was reported to us. We took action on the profile–removing the content and disabling the profile–, and we reached out to law enforcement.”

Medina wrote books on how to save your marriage. According to CNN, on his personal website EmotionalWriter.com, Medina claimed his books were about “effective communication” and “marriage counseling tips”. Yet, according to Fox News and the Miami Herald the couple did not have a healthy relationship.

A couple of Alfonso’s co-workers said there were times where Alfonso came into work “bruised up”, Fox News reported. Friends told the Miami Herald that Medina often kicked Alfonso out. The Miami Herald also reported the couple was wed in 2010, divorced in 2012, and remarried earlier this year.

Clearly Medina failed to practice what he preached, as he and his wife were not on the same page.

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