Fight Erupts in iPhone Line After Homeless People Hired to Wait in Line Never Gets Paid When iPhones Sell Out

These homeless people should have still gotten paid for their time.


The new iPhone has just been released and as usual when any new Apple product is released, there are hordes and hordes of people waiting in line to grab the next great thing.

And as usual, there are people who look towards other ways of getting the phone without actually having to stand in line, and that’s where homeless people come in.

People were “hiring” homeless people to stand in line for them, which on the surface sounds like a good idea since both parties would seemingly benefit, with the person wanting the phone not having to wait in line for hours and the homeless person getting money for doing something that they’re most likely used to doing…just waiting around.  Seemed like a match made in Apple heaven, right?

Well, what happens when the store runs out of iPhones prematurely?  The people wanting the iPhones, who didn’t get them, would still pay the homeless people for their time, right?

Wrong…unfortunately as a fight broke out at a Pasadena, California store over homeless men not receiving the monies originally promised to them.

Police Lt. Jason Clawson says two men were arrested  about 7:30 a.m. Friday after getting into a fistfight while in line along  Colorado Boulevard. They face misdemeanor citations. A third man was placed on a 72-hour  mental health hold after running into the street in an enraged state. Clawson  says it appears the man may have been among several homeless men who were hired  to buy iPhones for other customers.

Clawson says when the store ran out of the new  smartphones, the homeless men didn’t get paid and became upset.

Sometimes it really looks like when it comes to Apple products, it really can bring the worst out in people.  There was no reason that these homeless people shouldn’t have been paid.

Hopefully next time, they’ll ask for half of the money up front.


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