‘Dead Banker’ Aubrey Lee Price Arrested In Georgia For $21M Wire Fraud

Aubrey Lee Price thought he had fooled the FBI. He thought wrong.
Dead Banker Captured

A 47-year-old banker who disappeared after allegedly committing suicide in 2012 and was sought by the FBI in association to a $21 million wire fraud case was arrested in Georgia after he was pulled over for a minor traffic infraction.

Aubrey Lee Price was driving in Glynn County, Ga. along I-95 when he was pulled over for a tinted window violation. Officers at the scene said it was evident that Price was providing them with false data, and soon learned the FBI wanted him.

A Florida judged had declared Price legally dead, but the FBI continued their search for him, offering a $20,000 reward for information that lead to his capture.

Price is alleged to have embezzled over $21 million from Montgomery Bank & Trust in Ailey, Ga. into security accounts. According to the FBI, he falsely represented the securities account balances to hide the trading losses or theft of funds. Price was charged with wire fraud and a federal arrest warrant was instigated on June 28, 2012.

In July of that same year, the Securities and Exchange Commission has frozen Price’s assets after they filed a complaint. A press release by the SEC said Price started up bogus account statements to conceal the false account balances and returns that were given to bank regulators and investors.

In a confession letter Price is alleged to have written, he stated the deep shame, fear and anxiety he felt was fueling his depression and that he was looking to commit suicide by jumping off a ferry-boat along the Florida coast.

Price went to court Jan. 2 to answer to the charges. His lawyer said Price is homeless and has been working as migrant worker for cash and has no assets. He is being held without bond by the U.S. Attorney’s Office. He’ll be in court again in Savannah at 9 a.m. for a bond hearing.

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