Bieber’s Home Searched For Evidence; One Arrest For Cocaine Possession

Reports are circulating that Justin Bieber could be deported if he’s actually arrested for “egg-gate”.
Justin Bieber Egging

Justin Bieber’s home was searched by police for evidence after he allegedly threw eggs at the home of one of his neighbors.

Police have yet to confirm what they’ve taken from the home as evidence but did arrest one person of Bieber’s entourage for allegedly being in possession of cocaine.

The neighbor’s Calabasas home was seriously damaged after the egging. Calabasas is a suburb of Los Angeles.

Police stated Bieber was not arrested but has not been cleared either.  He is cooperating with detectives but has yet to be interviewed. According to Lt. David Thompson, a judge signed the search warrant, giving detectives permission to search the Canadian-born singer’s home.

Thompson said he understands that eggs may not seem all that important but it can rise to a felony level. He said the victim has an extensive amount of damage to fix and that’s what makes the incident so serious.  The damage to the home is estimated to be approximately $20,000.

Police have not disclosed who it was they arrested.

The LA County Sheriff’s Office said they’re on the hunt for surveillance video tapes when they saw the narcotics in plain sight.  Steve Witmore with the LA County Sheriff’s Office said eight people in the residence were detained.  He said Bieber was in the residence as well. However, he was only detained, not arrested.

Witmore said the alleged narcotics were in a location that tied just one person to them, not the entire household.

There have been two prior investigations regarding the singer’s conduct but these have not led to any charges being filed.

Last year, prosecutors did not file charges after a neighbor reported the singer was driving through the area recklessly. In November 2012, a paparazzi photographer said Bieber assaulted him but no charges were filed then either.

Justin Bieber may want to chill out from here on out because if he’s actually arrested, numerous reports are circulating that he could be deported.

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