Rush Limbaugh Wants President Obama to Cheat on Michelle

Rush Limbaugh lets it be known what he wants in a scandal.
Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh has grown weary of Chris Christie’s “Bridgegate” uproar and is hoping the country could have a sexier scandal to focus on, just like the ones in France.

According to Mediate, the radio host brought up the recent allegations that French President François Hollande has been having an affair with a younger actress before suggesting President Barack Obama do the same.

“Why can’t we have scandals like that anymore?’ Limbaugh asked. “Why can’t we have Obama running around on Michelle or something?”

“Look, it’s just wishful thinking,” he explained. “Wouldn’t that be a much better scandal than Christie and bridge lane closures, for crying out loud?”

The French scandal also inspired Limbaugh to temper his views on socialism, given Hollande’s political designation. “The socialists, in one sense of the word, know how to live,” he said.

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