Ben Carson at CPAC: Gay People ‘Don’t Get Extra Rights’

“I hate political correctness,” says the celebrated former surgeon and potential 2016 Preidential hopeful.

During a CPAC speech on Saturday, Ben Carson drew cheers from onlookers by saying he believes that marriage is between a man and a woman, reinforcing his belief in traditional practices.

“As you know, I am not a fan of political correctness” he said.

Carson also said that the political world is full of “ideologues” and the only people that can stop the ideologues are the Americans.Although he believes gay people are entitled to their rights, Carson drew the line at “extra rights” that alter the institution of marriage.

“Of course gay people should have the same rights as everyone else, but they don’t get extra rights,” Carson was quoted saying. “They don’t get to redefine marriage.” he continued.

Ben Carson stepped down in April 2013 as the commencement speaker for Johns Hopkins University’s School of Medicine after making some gay marriage comments that sparked outrage from students and faculty.

There is a burgeoning movement among conservatives to persuade Carson to run for president in 2016, and while he never directly mentioned any future intention to run for office, he did say that “the good lord had a different plan” for his post-retirement years than what Carson had originally expected.

After making reference to the American Revolution, the Second World War and the Greatest Generation, Carson reminded the crowd that “We cannot be free if we are not brave.” As he left the stage, to a standing ovation, multiple conservatives throughout the crowd held up giant signs on which were written just one number and one word: “Carson 2016.”

You can view a part of his speech below:

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