Samuel L. Jackson Meets Sam Rubin, Reporter Who Confused Him With Laurence Fishburne

Samuel L. Jackson sat down Sam Rubin, the reporter who confused him with Laurence Fishburn, and they cleared the air.

Sam Rubin tried really hard not to be remembered as the reporter who mistook Samuel L. Jackson for Laurence Fishburne during a live interview.

The KTLA’s reporter once again interviewed the actor for the first time since their interview in February when Rubin confused Jackson with Laurence Fishburne.

Rubin insisted the media seemed to inflame the situation and that the interview had received a lot of attention globally because of that.

The second interview was almost as awkward as the first and did not help clear the air as it was expected. According to reports it was unclear to Jackson that Rubin was the same reporter from the initial interview but once he figured it out he became more uncomfortable.

Jackson said he didn’t think the interview had any special attention and went ahead to say he thought people were watching him have a good time.

The reporter went on to admit that he was nervous of facing Jackson but he felt like that Jackson had no idea who he was talking to during the first conversation.

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