An Actor Causes Panic In Accra Streets Because He Looked Like “Jesus”

“Jesus” caused a commotion while walking the streets in Ghana.
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Residents in Accra, Ghana’s capital city, were forced to stop in their Tracks as a man who they claimed looked like “Jesus” was walking the streets.

The residents were in shock as the man who looked like the portrait of Jesus most people grew up with, reportedly with long brown hair and wearing a white robe appeared on their streets.

Reports indicate that they surrounded him touched him and told him of their problems only to have it turn out that the man was an actor working on a film in the country.

The residents are seen surrounding the actor, with their cell phones out posing for pictures.

According to Nigerian Watch:

Accra residents who thought it was a miracle, reached out to touch him, probably in the hope that like the biblical Jesus, he would take all their woes away. Ghana and Nigeria are two countries with very passionate Christians followings in Africa and their evangelical movements are growing by the day.
Biblical teachings announce the second-coming-of Christ and the Accra residents probably thought the wait was over.
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