Pharrell Williams Track “Happy” Has Been Chosen By U.N To Promote Joy Around The World

Pharrell’s song “Happy” will hopefully bring peace throughout the world according to the UN.

Pharrell Williams may not have won an Oscar for his song “Happy”, but he’s happy to know that members of the United Nations has adopted his song for the organization.

Everyone in the world wants to be happy.  So there’s no better organization than the UN , which is an organization that promotes peace and international cooperation.  They have chosen the tune to be the anthem for the International Day of Happiness.

According to the organization’s website, the song will help encourage “people to take action to support the UN and to create a happier world for people everywhere.”

Pharell will reportedly earn a big chunk of money from the adoption of the song which was initially composed for the 2013 film Despicable Me 2.

The track was simply targeted to please kids due to its simple though ingenious nature but according to the United Nations’ website the song will help encourage people to spring into action to support the UN and to create a happier world for everyone in all corners of the world.

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