Texas Executes Former Rapper Ray Jasper

The San Antonio man was convicted in 2000 for the murder of a studio owner.

The state of Texas last night executed former rapper Ray Jasper for the 1998 San Antonio murder of studio owner David Alejandro. The homicide was a particularly grisly one: Jasper and two associates booked time to record with Alejandro, but instead hatched a plan to steal the victim’s expensive recording equipment. Jasper admitted to slitting Alejandro’s throat, but proclaimed his innocence throughout the trial, stating that it was his cohort Steven Russell who delivered the fatal stabbing.

His accomplices were sentenced to life in prison.

David Alejandro owned and operated a studio where musicians recorded music for a fee. Reports indicate that Jasper and his two friends recorded at the studio for about two hours and then attacked Alejandro with knives.

According to a report by the Texas attorney general’s office, Jasper slashed Alejandro’s throat from ear to ear but that did not kill him. Then Jasper and an accomplice repeatedly stabbed the studio owner until he died then covered the body with a sheet and stole studio equipment valued at about $10,000 to $30,000.

Jasper said that his accomplices had killed Alejandro and not him in February, according to a source where he sent a letter to.

Jasper was the third person to be executed by Texas this year.

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