Elton John Respects Pharell And Kanye “Tremendously” and Would Love to Collab With Either of Them

The British singer who is also a composer, pianist and a record producer wants to produce a number of hip-hop tunes with the likes of Kanye or Pharell because of their prowess in electronica.

Elton John who is 66 and is well known for the tunes “Benny and The Jets” is recreating his career, and apart from wanting to do tunes with the two, he has plans to include a number of Skateboard P-assisted tracks on his next album.

“I might do a couple of tracks with Pharrell. I don’t know. I’ve got a couple of things coming up this year, one of which is a thing with a boy called Bright Light Bright Light, which is a record of the week in the USA Today. He’s a friend of mine who is a singer/songwriter, but in electronica. I did that and it was pretty fabulous. I’d like to play on some more people’s records. I just take it when it comes. I have no fixed plans to record.”

Bright Light; an electronica singer/songwriter is Elton’s friend.

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