Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick Would Make A Great President Or Vice President Says Obama

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick shouldn’t rule out a bid for national office in 2016, President Barack Obama said in an interview Wednesday.

On Wednesday, President Obama heaped praise on the rising Democratic star, Deval Patrick,  when he said he has done a great job and would be wise not to rule out public service in the future due to his enormous talent.

He went on to say Deval Patrick who would be 58 this year would make a great President or Vice President, however Obama suspects that Deval is likely to take a break when his eighth and final year as state chief executive ends.

Patrick had earlier indicated that he will not be running for presidency in 2016 and was planning on returning to the private sector when his term as governor expires in January 2015.

Hillary Clinton the former secretary of state is the frontrunner for nomination in public opinion polls as the Democratic Presidential candidate but she has not declared whether she intends to run and the election is more then two years off.

Patrick had also served as the assistant attorney general for civil rights under President Bill Clinton.

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