Anita Baker: There’s No Justice In The Justice System

Anita Baker speaks her mind about the arrest warrant that has had everyone talking.

During a rant on her arrest warrant situation, Anita spoke her mind, claiming there is no justice in the justice system. As it was reported earlier that the singer was a wanted woman in Detroit after failing to show up in court over a dispute with a home contractor.

According to TMZ the Grammy winning singer said the guy did not even finish the job and the part he had done was shoddy which forced her to finish the job herself.

Apparently Anita claims she was never made aware of the $15,000 lawsuit the contractor had filed because she was not served with the legal papers notifying her of the suit.

Reports confirm that the rift between Baker and contractor dates back to July 2013. Although the contractor claimed he had slapped the notice on Anita’s door she says that she was on tour and never saw a notice and doesn’t believe it was even placed there.

Anita said she was in shock after hearing the news as she had never been in trouble with the law. Her lawyer will go to court next week to get the warrant lifted and the default judgement set aside.

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