Ethiopia Lawmakers Set To Make Homosexuality A Non-pardonable Offense

Ethiopia’s lawmakers are set to pass a bill that puts homosexuality on a list of offenses considered “non-pardonable”.

Ethiopia, being one of the African states that have criminalized homosexuality aims to pass a more strict Anti-Gay Law.

The Lawmakers will vote next week with an aim to pass a bill that will make homosexuality a “non-pardonable” offence under the country’s amnesty law.

The current law states that the same-sex acts are illegal and punishable by up to 15 years in prison while a 25-year jail term is also prescribed for anyone convicted of infecting another person with HIV during same-sex acts.

If the bill becomes law which is certainly expected the President will not be able to pardon prisoners charged with homosexuality and terrorism as it has been the case during every Ethiopian New Year.

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