Agreement Reached Over Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines Lawsuit

The removal of Bridgeport Music from the dispute means it’s now purely a fight between Thicke’s side and Marvin Gaye’s children.

This week saw an agreement with the ongoing lawsuit that involved one of the biggest hits of last year Blurred Lines, when Funkadelic’s Sexy Ways was dropped from the lawsuit.

Reports suggest that the parties agreed that the litigation won’t be considering whether the Robin Thicke hit had infringed copyrights of Funkadelic’s Sexy Ways, and that Bridgeport Music was no longer a defendant.

Now that Bridgeport was removed from the dispute the fight remains between Robin’s team and Marvin Gaye’s children who claim that Blurred Lines is very much like Marvin’s Got to Give It Up and Robin Thicke’s Love After War is similar to Marvin’s After the Dance.

Thicke’s team hold that being reminiscent of a ‘sound’ is not in any way copyright infringement but the defendants claim that Thicke has gone too far with his Marvin Gaye fixation.

There is a mediation session scheduled for next month but the trial is set for November.

Listen to “Sexy Ways” and “Blurred Lines” below:

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