The Oprah Winfrey Network to Produce Michael Sam Docu-Series Chronicling His Arrival into the NFL

Oprah and her team will be chronicling Michael Sam’s life as he attempts to make an NFL roster.

Michael Sam is perhaps the most celebrated seventh-round pick to have never played a single NFL game.

He may even be the most celebrated pick period, to have never played a game.

As the first openly gay NFL player, Sam has signed an endorsement deal with Visa, his jersey sales have been second only to Johnny Football, and now the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) will be documenting Sam’s every move for an upcoming series that has yet to be titled.

According to the Associated Press, the docu-series will follow Sam through the ups-and downs of trying to secure a spot with the St. Louis Rams while navigating the machismo-laced gridiron of the NFL and the media circus that is sure to follow.

OWN does not yet have a projected air date or know how many episodes will be in the premiere season.

Let’s just hope that he makes the team first.

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