New Hampshire Political Leaders Join In The Call To Push For Resignation of Racist Police Commissioner

Wolfeboro’s Police Commissioner is being asked to resign after calling the President the N-Word.

Robert Copeland, Wolfeboro, New Hampshire’s Police Commissioner, has been asked to resign after he allegedly called President Obama the n-word according to reports.

On Friday, the town manager David Owen joined the residents to push for the resignation of the Police Commissioner by calling for him to resign after using the slur against the President.  Even famed New Hampshire resident Mitt Romney has joined in on the efforts of trying to force the commissioner to resign.

Owen further explained that the town leaders were not happy with the language the commissioner used and they find it inconsistent with the town open character and that Copeland should resign. The only thing that was still ensuring he held the office is that he was elected to that position and the officials could not vote him out.

State and local officials have received complaints from as far as California from parties upset about Copeland’s remarks some of whom have threatened to cancel vacations to New Hampshire.

Sarah Silk the vice chairwoman of the town’s Board of Selectmen, also urged Copeland to quit after more than 100 residents attended a jam-packed Police Commission meeting Thursday to demand Copeland’s resignation.

A resident had overheard Copeland use a slur in a restaurant in March and wrote to the town manager, which Copeland in an email to her acknowledged using the slur in referring to the president and said he will not apologize.

And it was also confirmed when the Commissioner emailed fellow commissioners stating that he believed he had used the word about the President and he did not wish to apologize because the President met and exceeded Copeland’s criteria for being labelled as such.

Update: It looks like the pressure got to him, and it’s been reported that he has resigned today by the Huffington Post.

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