Sagging Your Pants in Tennessee is a Fineable Offense

According to reports, anyone caught sagging their pants in Pikeville, Tennessee will be fined. This comes as a result of Phil Cagle, mayor of the city of Pikeville writing an ordinance that will fine anyone who wears their pants “more than three inches below the tops of the hips” for public indecency.

First offenders will be hit with a fine of $25 while second time offenders will be charged $50 for each subsequent offense as the first reading of the ordinance was reportedly approved by the city council.

The ordinance that also cites public health as a reason for banning sagging pants will take a few months before it is passed as law since it has gone through three readings first.

Cagle while speaking about the ordinance said that together with the council they wanted an ordinance passed in black and white so the officers know what to tolerate and what not to tolerate and added that all he wanted was not seeing people running around half-naked on the streets.

Pikeville joins a list of towns in like Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama that have passed similar legislation that sees residents charged fines on the mode of wearing pants.

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