Which iPhone 6 Color Scheme Would Best Suit You?

The iPhone 6 which is expected to hit the streets on September 19th has seen a huge number of Pre-orders since Friday as apple reports that fans have already begun to bombard the corporation with requests for this flagship device…as expected.

Customers have been given different color schemes to choose from as color of the new iPhone may give it a visually distinctive and personal quality with one color appealing to one person and be unattractive to another.

The iPhone 6 comes in three distinct color schemes which include silver and gold, silver and white, and space gray and black.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus made their long awaited début on Tuesday and they are reportedly the biggest and according to the company line, the most advanced smartphones in the company’s history.

Order yours today and remember to choose the color that most appeals to you!

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