Columbus Short Blames TMZ For Destroying His Career, Defends Ray Rice

Columbus Short may have gotten a little delusional after his stint on “Scandal” ended due to his own actions.

Last night Columbus Short became the first person to watch their own funeral, when he tuned in to the season four premiere of “Scandal.”

His character Harrison was killed off the show after Shonda Rhimes fired him following a domestic violence dispute with his wife. Short doesn’t think his own actions caused his downfall, but instead, his flailing career can be attributed to Harvey Levin, lawyer and founder of

“I feel like, Harvey Levin got the proverbial hard-on for me or something because he was attacking me for no reason. What I found out, you know how it goes, these stories get money… TMZ is making all that money, but it’s blood money to me. I really believe it, because you’re destroying people’s families,” he told Dish Nation during an interview this morning. “My character has been assassinated, unjustly,” he said.

Short, who’s been charged multiple times with domestic violence, was one of the celebs who commented on Ray Rice’s domestic violence scandal after he has been accused of choking out his wife, but blamed TMZ for that too.

“My first Instagram I said, I stand by Ray Rice. I said what he did was absolutely wrong. However, what TMZ… the point is TMZ. I have a lot against TMZ. We are fallible. Men, we are fallible creatures, mankind. And I think everybody deserves a second chance, everybody deserves a chance to get it right,” he said.

Check out the video below:

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