Penguin’s Umbrella: Penguin Begins His Rise to the Top (Gotham S1E7 Recap)

Penguin methodically makes his next move to become Gotham’s next crime lord.

Whose side are you on in Gotham?

Detective Gordon was almost killed in last Monday night episode titled, Penguin’s Umbrella. So Gordon first had to make sure he tied up all the loose ends before releasing his fury, by sending away his girlfriend Barbara Kean.

Only to find out later in the episode that she came back without his permission, which lead to her being kidnapped by Carmine Falcone assassin, who early in the show almost murder Det. Gordon, but he was saved by Barbara’s ex-girlfriend

Renee Montoya and Crispus Allen.

Oswald Cobblepot is climbing the social ladder by ambushing and killing Fish Mooney’s lover Lazlo Valentin.

As Fish can’t seem to figure out why Carmine hasn’t taken the bait aka Liz. “All he has her do is cook and clean, he hasn’t even touched her yet.”

With a literally explosive closing you come to find Oswald and Carmine as working together!

So what are your predictions for the upcoming episodes? Mines are Liz will have to also turn on Fish since Carmine is up to Mooney’s games and Fish only trusted ally will wind up being Detective Gordon.

Oswald Cobblepot aka Penguin will be the new Godfather of the underworld, he is obviously and definitely not to be trusted.

Either way and no matter what, I will be tuning in every Monday night at 8pm on FOX to tune in to see what happens.


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