Is Tyga and Kylie Jenner a Match Made in Heaven?

Does Tyga really have feelings for Kylie Jenner or is this a political move to help his struggling music career?
Tyga and Kylie

What’s up with Tyga?

Could this rumor of Tyga and Kylie Jenner dating be true love or just a business proposition on Tyga’s end?

Ok now let’s be real we all know that the youngins are always getting holla’d at by the older crowd but it’s usually not a celebrity doing the prowling on young meat, well not always at least since there are so many different women to choose from.

Tyga and miss Kylie have been spotted alongside each other frequently, and the rumor is that they are dating. There have been obvious feuds between the rapper and his baby mama Blac Chyna centered around Drake, but I would have never guessed that he would fire back with a 17-year old. Maybe their relationship is innocent but Blac Chyna has showed her displeasure of the situation by unfollowing both Kim and her sister Kylie on Instagram.

We all know that Tyga has been having problems with his label Young Money in previous interviews stating that he has wanted to go independent. Could he be using his relationship with Kylie to get help with his career from Kanye West?

He just may be trying to rub shoulders with other music outlets and using Kylie and her Kardashian clan to get the job done. Sounds pretty smart, right?

Well, maybe not so smart when there is an underage teen involved. Kylie’s sister Kim has expressed her opinion on the situation saying that she does not approve of her sister’s actions and that she feels that she has been put in a not so good situation seeing that her and Blac Chyna were friends.

Kim feels that both Tyga and Kylie have put her in the middle of an “impossible situation”. Blac Chyna and Amber Rose seems to be new besties, according to recent Instagram posts by Blac Chyna implying her, and Amber Rose are now friends.

The two have a few things in common, single mothers, recent breakups and heartaches, and not to mention being in the middle of the Kardashian drama. Kim kardashian was rumored to be the reason behind Amber Rose and Kanye’s West previous relationship breakup, and now Kylie is rumored to have ended Blac Chyna’s relationship with Tyga.

Although Kylie is a Jenner, she sure does have that kardashian blood flowing through her! We will just have to wait and see the truth unfold in this messy situation. As of now this is pretty un-tasteful.

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