Team ‘Nice Guy’ Needs to Start Dating Team ‘Good Girl’

Are you tired of being Team Nice Guy or Team Good Girl because you never win? Well, a change is about to come.

It’s the craziest thing isn’t it! “Nice Guys” always seem to end up with the wrong women, and “Good Girls” always seem to want the wrong guys. We all know about that theory of wanting what we can’t have. Some of us have even experience that Bad Girl/Guy relationship. Why is it that the sweet, smart, and slightly goofy guy that you know your parents will love is the guy getting his heart-broken by the incredibly sexy, flirtatious, fun-loving, tart who doesn’t really care about him? Why are the sweet, intelligent, well-behaved girls your mother would love, getting played by the sexy, smooth, charming guys whose eyes are on anything with a skirt on.

Sometimes it’s the whole “Friendzone” thing, where you don’t even end up with the person that’s wrong for you, you just end up drooling after them for months and months. You spend all the time in the world listening to their stories and complaining, hanging out with them, thinking you are making a connection and all along you are like “a brother” to her or “like one of the guys” to him. You obsess over whether that text they sent meant something more or if that dinner was just you guys hanging out or an actual date.

Let’s try something new…

Why aren’t the good girls ever dating the nice guys? Is this honestly something we’ve never tried, or against the rules or something. No, I got it it’s more like spotting a mermaid or a unicorn(it’s a complete myth unless you’ve seen it). I get it sometimes you have to date the wrong person to realize who the right one is. Sometimes you go through these bad relationships to appreciate the right ones. Sometimes those heart breaks teach us something right? But we have to learn that those relationships are nothing more than lessons, bad examples to learn from.

How about we start loving and liking what’s good for us. How about the ladies stop dating the guy you know won’t treat you the way you are supposed to be treated, the one you know will break your heart but when he’s acting like he cares so “hey someone is better than no one”. Stop trading in Mr.Right for Mr.Right Now.

Guys enough with the bad girls who we all know doesn’t really care about you, the girl who is always looking to upgrade, the one all your friends warned you about but “you don’t care, she’s hotter than hell”. Enough with dating a girl because she looks good on your arm, but befriending the girl whose there for you, makes you laugh, and helps you to be a better man.

Good Girls and Nice Guys finishing last is a tale as old as time….a song as old as rhythm. Do something different and go with the one person you were probably meant for but waited forever and a day to be with. #TeamNiceGuy #TeamGoodGirl

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