Last Minute Christmas Idea with O’Keeffe’s

Keep your skin healthy this holiday season with some cream from O’Keeffe’s.

Ring in the 2015 New Year and have a Happy Holidays without cracked and split skin!

How do you ask? With Christmas just around the corner I have the best idea for a present that can be given and used all year round.

I am speaking about O’Keeffe’s Healthy Feet & Working Hand Cream, used by practically every profession as the fitting tagline quotes,  “for people who work with their hands.”

I originally first came across O’Keeffe’s in Good Housekeeping magazine and was so proud, I took a chance to try it out.

Yes, I work with my hands on the computer in a nice warm office, but I have to push through this December cold to get to work, which has dried, cracked, and damaged my skin.

I used to use Vaseline, Baby oil with ChapStick to coat my skin but it left me greasy and shiny.

“Unlike oil-based products that sit on the skin surface and repel moisture, O’Keeffe’s water- based formula attracts moisture & draws it into the skin, creating the perfect micro-environment to promote optimal moisturizing.”

So after my shower I need only to apply a small generous amount to the desired areas and within seconds of applying it, I can feel the crème already working.

The best part is O’Keeffe’s is absolutely odorless, non-greasy, hypoallergenic, and money back guaranteed, so I don’t EVER have to worry about unflattering scents, nor do I need to worry about breakouts from an allergic reaction.

F.Y.I. O’Keeffe’s products are family owned and made in the USA.


See for yourself.

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